The years I spent working with Chinese teams for developing and manufacturing products, or set up quality insurance systems taught me that the only way to reach one's target in this country is to be on site, as often as possible.

If big companies can regularly send people, or even establish a permanent representation, most of the small and medium business, which cannot afford this kind of actions, experience a lot of difficulties working with China.

FRENCHMAN IN ASIA gives access to all companies to this essential tool: having a local, permanent, technically as well as culturally competent resource for efficiently interfacing and tracing their Chinese partners.

Bernard Duburcq, company founder.




FRENCHMAN IN ASIA has been founded in 2007 by a Frenchman aware of the essential need for Western companies to have a local contact, sharing their culture, thus allowing them to efficiently work with their Chinese partners.

  • We provide the technical, linguistic and cultural interface, necessary to the good progress of your projects.

  • We help you to find and qualify the partners who will be adapted to your needs at the best.

  • We provide everyday local support and if need be step in your partners locations on your behalf in order to help them to provide a service of quality, respect your standards and maintain a good working relationship.

  • We help you for the translation and cultural adaptation of your communication.

Source or outlet for trade, it is always necessary to count with China

OEM*, ODM**, sourcing, quality, partnership, company swarming, Chinese market, opportunities are numerous for those who will overcome all difficulties related to:

  • cultural difference, root cause of many misunderstandings

  • language, recurring difficulty for communication

  • distance, inducing very important additional costs and delays

  • regular monitoring of Chinese partners, mandatory for guarantying the quality and ethics of their services.

    *OEM: Original equipment manufacturer: vendor manufacturing products under your brand, usually developed by himself.
    **ODM: Original design manufacturer: vendor developing a product according to your specifications

The best way to keep all these issues under control is to maintain a local resource in China in which you can be confident, knowing all usages and communication modes of both Western and Chinese industries.

Deciding to involve FRENCHMAN IN ASIA, you now have at your disposal a Western-Chinese team, able to understand your projects and make their progression effective, by efficiently and closely supervising all local players.

We check for you that your partners actually understand and take into account your messages, we hunt them out, we regularly report about the real progress of your activities, and we warn you and take proper actions every time it is necessary.

Our double integration, both Western and Chinese, makes us the ideal bridge between the two cultures. Our role in establishing mutual understanding of all involved people and confident relationship brings to you essential keys to make your projects in China successful.

In other words, we help you to keep control and lead your plans to completion...